July 2015

Monteverdi: L’Orfeo

This is a re-packaging of a popular staging of Orfeo which previously appeared as an opusArte DVD, and which I saw at the Edinburgh Festival (with a slightly different cast) a few years ago. Savall swept into the auditorium with a flowing black gown (looking for all the world like Professor Snape on a mission) and the music burst forth. [...]

Rore: Ancor che col partire

This is somewhat variable. The first of the six early versions of Ancor che col partire, spread through the 19 tracks, makes clear that this was one of the famous adaptations. [...]

Müthel: The Five Keyboard Concertos

I was very impressed by the playing of this young Polish harpschordist when he recently accompanied Rachel Podger for the Georgian Concert Society in Edinburgh and these two CDs confirm him as a formidable talent. [...]

Alma, svegliate ormai

It may be that I was a little frottoled-out when I came to review this CD, but its exploration of Italian popular music refurnished with devotional texts failed to engage me. [...]

Mozart: Mass in C minor

Although this performance has aged well, for me it still lags behind the Eliot Gardiner version. Unusually for a Herreweghe recording, I was aware of a little too much micro-management, especially at cadences. [...]

I have set my hert so hy

This delightfully fresh selection of Medieval English music on the theme of love and devotion features the familiar ‘naïve’ playing style of the Collective matched by beautifully unmannered singing from the three singers of Voice. [...]

Can We Talk of a Passacaglia Principle?/Si può parlare di un principio-passacaglia?

The editor's "In search of a passacaglia Principle" about how such an unusual issue came to be and the "Notes on contributors" are in English and Italian. After inviting abstracts about a possible construction principle behind passacaglia-inspired compositions from different periods, the scientific committee of the GATM (Gruppo Analisi e Teoria Musicale) selected the eight studies presented here. [...]
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