Tartini & Veracini: Violin Sonatas

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Rie Kimura violin, Fantasticus
Resonus RES10148
Tartini: Pastorale op 1/13, Sonata “Il trillo del Diavolo”
Veracini: Sonatas op 2/5 & op 2/12

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his is an utterly enchanting recording from beginning to end. The handling of the opening track is highly original and, in stark contrast to the contemporary reports of Tartini and Veracini’s performance styles, Rie Kimura draws the listener into her intimate sound world, with gently caressing bow strokes, neatly shaping the most virtuosic passages with effortless ease. There is a real sense of dialogue with Robert Smith on cello, and there is a real sense (and not in a disrepectful way!) that Guillermo Brachetta is filling in the space between, where normally the keyboard player takes on the primary accompaniment role and the string bass emphasises the lowest part of the texture. This is the third CD by Fantasticus and the group goes from strength to strength; whatever they turn their attentions to next, I strongly recommend you look out for it!

Brian Clark