Sons and Pupils of Johann Sebastian Bach

Floral design

Hans Fagius (Močnik organ in Höör, Sweden)
Daphne 1052
Music by C P E Bach, W F Bach, G A Homilius, J L Krebs, J C Kittel & J G Müthel

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his is a thoughtfully devised recital played on a modern instrument that draws on the characteristics of the instruments by Silbermann and Hildebrandt so admired by JSB. The booklet (English/Swedish) includes both a stop list and the registrations used which will delight those who regularly complain at the absence of these things (me, for instance). There are some minor mis-translations and unidiomatic turns of phrase but nothing positively misleading. It’s still a shame that these things get through, though. The playing is always convincing whatever the style, with tempos and registrations always made to sound appropriate. I have to say, though, that most of the music is merely ‘interesting’ and only gets played because of the JSB connection. A conspicuous exception to this is the splendid CPEB Fantasy and Fugue Wq 119/7 which I shall add to my own repertoire at the earliest opportunity.

David Hansell