Les Sauvages

Floral design

Béatrice Martin harpsichord
Cypres CYP1672
Music by d’Anglebert, F Couperin, Forqueray, Rameau & Royer

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his selection of unusual, exotic and frankly weird items from the colourful output of the French school is played on an absolute beast of an instrument (Couchet 1645/Blanchet 1720) of which Béatrice Martin makes full and stylish use. She plays with great care and attention to detail – ornaments and inégalité are always convincing – though sometimes a little more overt flamboyance might not have come amiss. Even the programme order is more thoughtful than impactful – track 3 would surely make a more arresting start. But it is a really good recital. The booklet is well laid out and the notes are informative though the ‘general music lover’ might find the literary style heavy going in places. At least it’s legible.

David Hansell