Le Ballet Imaginaire

Baroque Masterworks around 1730
Jeremias Schwarzer recorder, Ralf Waldner cembalo
Genuin GEN 19646
Music by Bach, Chédeville, Handel & Telemann

This is a meaty recital offering works of fame and substance for recorder and harpsichord, either original compositions or perfectly reasonable transpositions/arrangements of music for other solo instruments. Alto recorder and voice flute are both used: thus those allergic to high recorders need not fear. All of this is at eight-foot pitch! The inclusion of unaccompanied Telemann fantasias gives some sonic variety, as do the alternating obbligato and continuo roles of the harpsichord. The playing of both instruments is impressive, though I do find some of the recorder articulation a touch capricious and some of it – especially staccato notes – aggressive for a flauto dolce. The booklet (English & German) offers a general introduction as well as concise comments on each work: the English is reasonable and readable, though not fully idiomatic.

David Hansell

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