Clifford Bartlett started Early Music Review as a means of informing the HIP community of new editions and recordings of music (mainly) from the period before 1900, and books written about it. By the time he abandoned the printed version (by which time he most likely had begun to suffer from Alzheimer’s, though none of us noticed), it was really little more than a vanity project that helped King’s Music (as it then was) fulfil its quotas with Royal Mail that allowed them to keep postage costs for customers who bought (and continue to buy) our editions.

When it finally went online, various means of financing the time and effort involved were tried but none actually worked. So now, after two previous attempts to call it a day, I have decided that I actually will (sometime in 2020) terminate the website, unless someone else wishes to take over.

Email me directly if you are interested.

Thanks to everyone who has written for EMR over the years, everyone who has contributed otherwise, or who has sent material for scrutiny, and to everyone who subscribed to and read the old printed version.

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