Sinkovsky plays & sings Vivaldi

Dmitry Sinkovsky violin & countertenor, la voce strumentale
naïve OP30559
Le quattro stagioni, Cessate omai cessate, Gelido in ogni vena (Farnace)

What might one not like in this issue? Well, for me top of the list are the ‘silly [and unnecessary] pluckers’. I also wonder about the need for more than single players on the ripieno parts and the presence of a double bass in the concertos. And the more I listened and studied the booklet the more I kept wondering. Should the concertos be continuous (yes, for me) rather than have a vocal item after each of Summer and Autumn? Surely a recording of the Seasons needs to include the ‘libretto’ in the booklet? Is the string articulation rather too contrived? Is this a baroque violin player or Nigel Kennedy? So approach with caution (as you might a CD from Red Priest), but amid all the questions I am quite certain that dmitry sinkovsky (sic – booklet title page) is a wonderful player and not far behind as a singer.

David Hansell

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