Sinkovsky plays & sings Vivaldi

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Dmitry Sinkovsky violin & countertenor, la voce strumentale
naïve OP30559
Le quattro stagioni, Cessate omai cessate, Gelido in ogni vena (Farnace)

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat might one not like in this issue? Well, for me top of the list are the ‘silly [and unnecessary] pluckers’. I also wonder about the need for more than single players on the ripieno parts and the presence of a double bass in the concertos. And the more I listened and studied the booklet the more I kept wondering. Should the concertos be continuous (yes, for me) rather than have a vocal item after each of Summer and Autumn? Surely a recording of the Seasons needs to include the ‘libretto’ in the booklet? Is the string articulation rather too contrived? Is this a baroque violin player or Nigel Kennedy? So approach with caution (as you might a CD from Red Priest), but amid all the questions I am quite certain that dmitry sinkovsky (sic – booklet title page) is a wonderful player and not far behind as a singer.

David Hansell


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