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Salvator Mundi – The Purcell Legacy

This beautiful CD explores music around Purcell, in the sense that works by Purcell are set in a context of music by his predecessors and followers, including the neglected William Jackson. The St Salvator’s Chapel Choir provide assured performances of this tricky repertoire,

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Louis Spohr: Symphonies 7 & 9

Louis Spohr is perhaps best known as the composer of music for his own instrument, the violin. These symphonies (the 7th premiered in 1842 and the 9th from 1850) reveal that he had a far broader imagination than his tuneful and dramatic concertos suggest;

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C. P. E. Bach: 6 Hamburg Symphonies

Bach’s six three-movement string symphonies represent the ultimate in the move from the Baroque, with its single mood (or affekt) within each movement, to the Pre-classical concept of depicting many short, contrasting motivic ideas in order to rapidly change the emotional experience of the listener within a short space of time.