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Johann Michael Haydn: Missa Sanctorum Cyrilli et Methodii, MH 13…

First edition by Armin Kircher.
Full score. Carus (54.013), 2015.
viii + 116pp, €44.00.
Complete parts: €205,00.
Vocal score: €22.00.
Choral score: €10,20. [From 20, 9.69 €9,69. from 100 €9,18.]
Instrumental parts available separately
Organ €22,00.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he score was finished in 1758. It is now thought that his work for the orchestra in Grosswardein ceased in spring, 1758. The earliest performing materials were copied for Salzburg Cathedral between 1763 & 1766. It is an impressive piece, scored for two clarini, two trombe, timps, two vlns, three trombones doubling the alto, tenor and bass voices, with an occasional alto and tenor trombone placed at the top of the score in contrast to when they double the voices, and a bass line or two. It’s a fine piece, lasting some 50 minutes. It would be interesting to have a programme with this Mass, following it after the interval with the Biber Requiem in f reviewed above, lasting just under half an hour. I can’t see very much if anything that relates the Mass to the two holy saints, Cyrillius and Methodius: M. Haydn is offering a Catholic Mass. The two saints were responsible in creating a Slavonic literate language to create a bible and liturgy, though there were many problems – an obvious one that survives is shown by the variety of their Saints’ Days. The work itself, irrespective of Cyrillius and Methodius, is more likely to be heard in concert. Much of it is lively, but by no means all! Thanks to Carus for also sending a couple of sample parts. In fact, they had no problems and everything was clear. I won’t request such samples regularly, but it is good to be able to check – not all publishers are so reliable!

Clifford Bartlett

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