Vivaldi: Concertos

Capella Savaria
Hungaroton HCD 32742
RV91, 241, 332, 428, 437, 472, 484

ONLY ONE PIECE on this recording can be said to be “well known”, the D major flute concerto nicknamed “Il gardellino”; the others including two concertos for violin, as well two for bassoon and another for flute, and finally a chamber concerto that features all three of those instruments (RV91). Zsolt Kalló is the artistic director of the enterprise and solo violinist; his counterparts are László Feriencsik on bassoon and Andrea Bertalan on flute. For this project, Capella Savaria field 44221 strings with harpsichord and archlute continuo. As far as the performances go, there are no surprises in store here – the three soloists are outstanding and the orchestra support them with sensitivity and style in buckets. Vivaldi does pull the occasional stunt, such as the bassoon solo at the very opening of RV472! The orchestra is well established as one of Europe’s best and this CD will enhance that reputation – as well as that of the soloists.
Brian Clark

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