The proof of the pudding

THIS SITE has been live for seven years now. In that time, I have spent literally hundreds (possibly thousands?) of pounds, paying for web space, and mailing CDs, DVDs and books to reviewers, as well as MANY thousands of hours, uploading reviews, tracking down images of the products, and all the mundane bureaucratic stuff that goes into such a venture. In return – in the year to date – you can see above that the site has generated the princely sum of £11.53 from Amazon, the only loyalty scheme that we operate. It should not come as any surprise that it is vastly disappointing to me that the time freely given by our generous critics for your enlightenment goes largely unrewarded and that I am (once again) wondering if – at a time in my life when there are other (much more intellectually stimulating) things to which I would rather devote myself – there is any point in continuing to waste time, energy and money.

If anyone would like to take over the site, please contact us: bc16661 (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) com

Otherwise, the domain will expire at the end of its current contract with Ionos.

Brian Clark



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