Molter: Concertos for Trumpets & Horns

Jean-François Madeuf, Musica Fiorita, Daniela Dolci
Accent ACC 24327

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his is the second new CD devoted to Molter’s music this year and, once again, it reveals a composer of great imagination, particularly when it comes to instrumental colour. Alongside works for the brass instruments of the title, the programme includes a Concerto Pastorale  for strings as well as a Divertimento  for 2 chalumeaux, 2 horns and bassoon and Tendrement that drops the bassoon from the line-up. Anyone of a nervous disposition (or with troublesome perfect pitch) will suffer some discomfort at the brass playing as this is cutting edge natural instrument playing, all done with the embouchure without the artificial aid of finger holes, etc. If such a basic question of “authenticity” is still considered challenging, all credit to Madeuf and his colleagues for undertaking to give us these raw performances. I sincerely doubt whether many 18th-century musical events featured the perfection we expect nowadays – and my work as an editor who constantly has to correct mistakes in the source material confirms that the odds were stacked against error-free playing. Musica Fiorita play very well (though it is not indicated in which pieces the four oboists play). It is slightly frustrating that only three of the six full works on the disc are given their catalogue numbers – a librarian’s nightmare.

Brian Clark

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