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Masses by Ludwig Daser and Matthaeus Le Maistre

Parody masses on Josquin’s Motets from the Court of Duke Albrecht V of Bavaria, edited by Stephanie P. Schlagel.
A-R Editions Inc, Recent Researches of the Renaissance, 164, 2016.
xx, 11 plates + 313pp. $275

There is no need to say much about the music, since the 20 page introduction gives a thorough account of the background. The plates are unnecessarily large; by all means print one page full size to give a proper impression of the original, but the remainder could be placed side by side two to a page simply by reducing them slightly.

The volumes contents are:

Daser Missa Ave Maria G2, C1, C3, C3, F3, F3 (i. e., chiavette)
Daser Missa Preter rerum seriem C1, C3, C4, C4, F4, F4
Le Maistre Missa Preter rerum seriem C1, C3, C4, C4, F4, F4
Daser Missa Qui habitat… C1, C3, C4, F4

The models for these are printed at the end of the volume:

Josquin Ave Maria… virgo serena G2, C3, C3, F4
Senfl Ave Maria… virgo serena G2, C1, C3, C4, F4
Josquin Preter rerum seriem C1, C3, C3, C4, F4, F4
Josquin Qui habitat in ajutorio… C2, C4, C4, F4

The scholarship is excellent. I’m not certain of all the accidentals; for instance, on p. 147, bars 111-112 have options for naturals or sharps and on p. 301 bars 123-7 only editorial e-flats. On p. 76-7 there are no e-flats, but the editorial e-flats in bars 56-8 are not obviously required. On p. 300, bar 112 ( |cD#c| ) could well have been sung #cD#c. The layout is spacious, and as a result, buying a set of single copies for performance could cost you $1650!

Clifford Bartlett

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