Lotti: Crucifixus

Floral design

The Syred Consort, Orchestra of St Paul’s, Ben Palmer
Delphian DCD34182
Credo in g, Dixit Dominus in g, Miserere in c, Missa Sancti Christophori

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]otti is best known for the three Crucifixes a6, 8 & 10 (though there are more), extracted from Masses in the 19th century. He was born in 1667 and studied with Legrenzi from 1683. He joined the musical fraternity of St Cecilia at the basilica of St Mark and worked from 17 till his death in 1740. There is one tiny slip in the second column: “Claudio Monteverdi, Lotti’s predecessor…” could appear to have placed Lotti immediately after Monteverdi, who died in 1643! Lotti began his work at San Marco as an alto in 1689, then 2nd organist (1692), first organist (1704) and maestro di cappella from 1736. He also wrote operas (1692-1719), seven oratorios, only two of which survived, and a large number of secular cantatas.

The title is somewhat confusing: but it should just be ignored. The disc includes four substantial liturgical works, as listed above. The booklet is extremely informative. The performances are vigorous and bold for much of the time, with some slower sections that contrast well. This disc is a revelation, in terms of the composer and also of the ability of the performers – full marks!

Clifford Bartlett

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