Lorem Ipsum

Combo Cam
58:37 (CD1, including dialogue), 54:11 (CD2, just music)
Genuin GEN 21724

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Lorem ipsum is gobbledygook. This dog’s dinner of a production deserves that to be my whole review. The double CD set is presented in such an offhand, arch and downright annoying manner that had I not been impressed with the actual music playing I would hardly have gone in search of the performers’ names, waded through Doris Meeresbüchner’s rambling notes or tried to work out what on earth was going on. I remember when making one of my own CDs insisting that ‘incidental noises’ – wind players and singers breathing, the spinet player changing stops – not be edited out. However, to include tracks of the performers walking in at the start, discussing what they are doing etc etc seems to stretch realism ad absurdum. The repertoire seems to be music from the Renaissance, mainly Spanish in origin, and the performances are dynamic and idiomatic. However, I eventually gave up working out what Doris Meeresbüchner had to do with the whole lamentably presented project, as Viola Blache is credited with the vocals and the phrases ‘hier ist Doris Meeresbüchner dabei’ on CD1 and ‘wo ist Doris?’ on CD2 are less than helpful. There is a deplorable level of arrogance and self-indulgence in making these two fine CDs of music and then releasing them in a format and package which deprives the listener of the supporting information to permit full understanding and enjoyment of the recording. The silly inserted tracks, the obscure presentation and the squandered opportunity to inform nearly drove this reviewer ad distractionem – if you plan to invest in Lorem ipsum, good luck to you.

D. James Ross

Perhaps a German speaker would like to send us an alternative review? Could it be that we’re missing a big joke?


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