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Jheronimus Vinders: Collected Works

Part 2 – Masses
Recent Researches in the Music of the Renaissance, 167
Edited by Eric Jas
xii, 438pp. $350.00
A-R Editions 2019 ISBN 978-0-89579-881-7

Don’t beat yourself up if you are unfamiliar with this composer – pretty much the only concrete evidence of his existence (besides the music, of course) are accounts of money paid to him for around six months’ service as singing master at a church in Ghent (1525-26).

Vas’s excellent edition consists of two five-voice masses, two more that add a sixth voice for the final Agnus Dei and one for four voices of slightly dubious attribution. After ten dense pages of critical notes, there is an appendix containing the models for Vinders’s “parodies,” including works by Appenzeller, Pipelare and Josquin (with translations and separate critical notes).

All five masses are printed at the pitch of the sources; the dubious Missa La plus gorgiase and the 5/6-part Missa Stabat mater use F3 clefs so might required downward transposition in performance.

Obscurity notwithstanding, Vinders reveals himself as a fluent composer whose works merit re-discovery. Vas has essentially done the groundwork for two revelatory CDs of some very fine music.

Brian Clark

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