Hellendaal – Violin Sonatas

Antoinette Lohmann violin, Furor Musicus
Globe GLO 5271

The booklet (English only) offers what may well be the fullest biography of the composer (1721-99) yet published. It is very interesting, to say the least, as is the music, most of which is here recorded for the first time. The composer was born in Rotterdam; perhaps had some contact with Locatelli in Amsterdam; definitely studied with Tartini; was based in London in the 1750s; succeeded Charles Burney, no less, as organist of St Margaret’s, King’s Lynn in 1760; and finallymoved to Cambridge where he continued to be active as a concert violinist whileholding various organist posts. His music very much reflects the mid-centuryItalian style with no real sign of emerging classicism: his English audiences,still besotted with Corelli and Handel, must have loved it.

As did I, even if the final Hornpipe has a whiff of the Proms about it! There are considerable technical challenges in the violin writing, all safely surmounted, and the continuo team offers consistent and unfussy support. Recommended as something new, different and worthwhile.

The CD is a limited edition (1000 copies).

David Hansell

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