Sheet music

Geminiani: 6 Concertos Op. 7, H. 115-120

Edited by Richard Maunder
Ut Orpheus, 2016
vi+161pp, £31.95

[dropcap]K[/dropcap]ing’s Music / The Early Music Company have sold facsimiles of the opus-numbered works for 20 years or more, including op. 7, so having a clear, modern score is very useful for reference. The preface is laid out in small print, but most of the second page is blank: larger printer filling the space would have be easier to read. There is a table or ornaments. The score is rather small, too: it will not be much use if you are a conductor, though it will be valuable for students. The KM / EMC facsimile parts cost £50. Some think op. 7 is weaker than the earlier sets. Previous volumes in this series were by Christopher Hogwood.

Clifford Bartlett

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