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Froberger: Neue Ausgabe…

New Edition of the Complete Works VII… Works for Ensemble and Catalogue of the Complete Works  (FbWV)…
Edited by Siegbert Rampe.
Bärenreiter BA 2928. xii + 100pp, £37.00.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his is the conclusion of Bärenreiter’s new edition of Froberger’s output, and is important primarily for the thematic catalogue, which begins at p. 29. It is preceded by two works for 2 vlns, STB & organ – Alleluia absorta est mors & Apparuerunt Apostolis. I do find the asterisks confusing, and it could be helped by notating the parts and score identically: the opening triple time abandons the four-bar patterns for the instruments. They are worth performing. The third piece is a Capriccio a4, probably for SSTB, though there is no need to assume that strings are the only forces available. Attempts to perform it earlier on keyboard were not very satisfactory. The wide gap between the third and fourth parts implies the need for an additional keyboard or plucker. All three pieces are notated in German tablature.

The catalogue is thorough. There may be later or unknown sources, but the editor will make sure that they are circulated to the experts: is there a specific place to find them? There are separate series for Toccatas (101-130), Fantasias (201-214), Canzons (301-308), Ricercars (401-416), Capricci for keyboard (501-525), Partitas, etc., for keyboard (601-659) and music for ensembles (701-707), and finally two pages of appendix; pp. 95-98 list the sources, and there is a list of major editions on p. 99 and a bibliography on p. 100.

I like the idea of a catalogue merged with the complete works. I’ve missed Vols I & II, but I have the rest and enjoy playing them. I don’t have access to the sources, so that limits my abilities. The price is reasonable for Vol. VII, though I’m puzzled by a label at the bottom right of the first page where Bärenreiter refers to “Complete Works Vol VII2”.

The complete Froberger edition is available for £295.50.

Clifford Bartlett

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