French Baroque Flute Edition

Berhard Böhm, Natalia Bonello, Anontio Campillo, Piero Cartosio, Kate Clark, Marion Moonen, Guillermo Peñalver, Manuel Staropoli, Jed Wentz with Les Eléments, Hedos Ensemble, Musica ad Rhenum
(17 CDs)
Brilliant Classics 95783

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While I am somewhat at a loss as to identify the potential audience for a boxed set of 17 CDs of French baroque music mainly for flute and continuo, I can see what a valuable resource it might be for libraries in music schools, etc. There is no denying that there is a wealth of beautiful and varied music here from the simplicity of Boismortier to the sophistication of Couperin, and from the suaveness of Hotteterre to the fire and energy of Blavet. Some of the music is without continuo, and some of it involves more than one flautist, and even violins! Mostly recorded between 2004 and 2020 (there is one disc dating from 1993), these are quality performances from some of the world’s leading flautists. I enjoyed dipping into the set every now and then, and I’m sure that anyone who invests in it won’t be disappointed.

Brian Clark

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