Felice Giardini: Quartetti da camera

Pink chrysanthemum

Quartetto Mirus + Giorgio Bottiglioni viola, Nicola Campitelli flute, Attilio Cantore harpsichord
Tactus TC 710701

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ears ago, while I was cataloguing a collection of 18th- and 19th-century music in the Central Library in Dundee, I flicked through several volumes of music by Felice Giardini. While they looked “nice enough”, nothing ever inspired me to get together with my string quartet friends and play through them. Now that I have heard this delightful CD – featuring works for a variety of ensembles – I will have to reconsider my decision; although these are not HIP performances, neither are they heavy modern renditions, and Giardini’s tuneful and sometimes challenging music comes over very nicely indeed. I challenge you to play this to dinner party guests and ask them to guess the identity of the composer; undoubtedly, his name will be something of a surprise to most, but one or two more famous names may be thrown into the mix before they give up!

Brian Clark