Divine Noise: Theatrical Music for two harpsichords

Floral design

Menno van Delft, Guillermo Brachetta
Resonus RES10145
F. Couperin: Le Pais du Parnasse (1725)
Le Roux: Suite in F (1705)
Rameau: Suite after Platée (1745) by Brachetta

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his is one of two discs this month of which I have to say, ‘This is the most enormous fun’. The instruments (modern copies of Hemsch and Blanchet) produce a fine, rich sound (helped by a recording that is a little on the over-resonant side) and under the hands of these uninhibited players give us a thrill-packed journey. Their arrangements are plausible, if sometimes at the limit of historical likelihood, and the chosen repertoire is mostly of the highest quality. It’s not Gaspard le Roux’s fault that he wasn’t Rameau or Couperin, but his pioneering role in two-harpsichord music compels his inclusion. The booklet essay (English only) is substantial and laced with interesting quotes, though manages to say remarkably little about the specific recorded repertoire.

David Hansell