Corrette: Sonatas for Harpsichord & Violin, op. 25

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Michael Jarvis harpsichord, Paul Luchkow violin
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[dropcap]C[/dropcap]orrette was active in many musical fields – a prolific pedagogue as well as composer. Le Phénix  may still be his best-known piece either in its original form for four basses de viole  or in one of the many arrangements which circulate (I first heard it on bassoons). However, in recent years a number of his more weighty works have been recorded giving us a rather more rounded view of his output. These sonatas, for the then newly fashionable combination of duetting violin and keyboard were published in 1742, in the wake of Mondonville’s op. 3. Each has three movements fast-slowish-fast and some programmatic content: this is just an overall title for sonatas I-V but extends to the individual movements in VI – Les Voyages d’ Ulysse. The players do a lively, engaging and committed job, taking these indications as a starting point though, given that the keyboard is definitely the musically dominant instrument, it is a shame that it is not a little more forward in the aural image, though I do stress the ‘little’. The booklet notes are sound in content though do incorporate some strange hyphenation and perhaps needed a little more thought about fonts.

David Hansell

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