Vivaldi | Handel
Gabriella Di Laccio soprano, Musica Antiqua Clio, Fernando Cordella

drama musica DRAMA001
Music from Handel’s Giulio Cesare & Rinaldo, Vivaldi’s Griselda, Juditha Triumphans & L’Olimpiade

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] well-performed, though musicologically slightly unadventurous, recital. Gabriella di Laccio is a fine dramatic soprano, with a formidable technique, ably displayed in the three Vivaldi arias recorded here. Fernando Cordella sets cracking tempi, to which di Laccio fully responds – the well-known ‘Agitata da due venti’ (track 2) is particularly scintillating, with the da capo suitably embellished. The three Handel war-horses are also creditably performed.

Musica Antiqua Clio are a new name for me; they come into their own in sinfonias to L’Olimpiade  (Vivaldi) and Rinaldo  (Handel), which are played with much energy and accuracy (with repeats in the latter meticulously observed).

One looks forward to hearing more from all concerned- perhaps a complete opera, or some Brazilian baroque rarities, done with similar verve?

Alastair Harper

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