Biagio Marini & Antonio Vivaldi a Vicenza: Cantate e Sonate da camera

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Giuseppina Bridelli, I Musicali Affetti, Fabio Missaggia
Tactus TC590004 (DVD)

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his DVD not only features a recital of two alto cantatas by Vivaldi (Cessate omai cessate and Amor hai vinto) and four works for strings by Biagio Marini, but it also includes visuals of the fine palazzo in Vicenza where the recording was made. Both composers were associated with the city at various points in their careers; Marini as maestro in the cathedral, Vivaldi as composer of and violinist in the 1713 premiere of Ottone in Villa and his oratorio Il battaglia navale (the latter in a church 100 metres from the afore-mentioned palazzo!) Giuseppina Bridelli has a wide-ranging and agile voice, well suited to the dramatic nature of the texts and the technical demands of Vivaldi’s music; she does well not to be distracted by the camera, and the sound engineer does a great job of taming the expansive acoustic. The two violins and viola are joined by a continuo team consisting of cello, plucker and harpsichord. Missagia’s introduction to the location and the music (especially his passionate advocacy of Marini’s music – the group is named after his first publication) is very enjoyable and really enhances the experience.

Brian Clark

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