Re-releases from Glossa

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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e have had another batch of “previously loved” recordings from the extensive Glossa catalogue. The first, Concerti, Sinfonie [and] Ouverture  by Giuseppe Antonio Brescianello (GCD C82506, 64:33) features La Cetra Barockorchester Basel in two sinfonias for four-part strings, concertos for violin & oboe, violin solo and violin & bassoon, as well as a G minor ouverture with oboes and a gorgeous chaconne in A for five-part strings. I was thrilled by the recording when it first came out and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this reincarnation.

Pièces de viole avec la basse continuë  by Forqueray père & fils (GCD C80412, 146:36, two CDs in a cardboard wallet) features the fabulous playing of Paolo Pandolfo with an impressive continuo line-up (a second gamba, two pluckers and harpsichord). The recordings from 1994/5 sound fresh and lively. I had never explored much of the solo viol repertoire, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to these discs.

The featured musician in Chamber music with flute  by Telemann is Wilbert Hazelzet; he is partnered in an interesting array of the composer’s smaller-scaled music by Jaap ter Linden, Konrad Junghänel and Jacques Ogg (GCD C80803, 63:45). The works range from two of the solo Fantasias to two “concertos” for all four members of the ensemble. Again, this was a pleasant hour’s listening.

Two Mozart releases follow. The first, Music for basset horn trio  (GCD C80603, 58:23) by Wolfgang and his contemporaries (Druschetzky, Martín y Soler, the little-known – to me, at least – Vojtech Nudera, the much-maligned Salieri, and Stadler) explores something of a niche market from the turn of the 19th century, and I must confess it did not overstay its welcome, as I had feared (with the best of intentions!) it might.

Frans Brüggen directs the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century and the Netherlands Chamber Choir (with soloists Mona Julsrud, Wilke te Brummelstroete, Zeger Vandersteene and Jelle Draijer) in Mozart’s Requiem, paired with the Mauerische Trauermusik KV 477 and an adagio for single reeds KV 411 (GCD C81111, 65:01). This is a live recording from 1998, and always has something interesting to say.

Brian Clark

The final CD in the set Duets for violin & viola  by Alessandro Rolla (GCD C80011, 64:42) was another unexpected treat. His is a name to string players around the world, but – like me? – most will never have played a note of his music. Famed in his own lifetime as a viola player, the five duets (from four different sets – anyone interested should check out the extensive lists on imslp!) on the disc reflect that; while many duets for this line-up tend to favour the more agile violin, Rolla makes no concessions to those who dare to play his instrument… That said, technical difficulty is not what this music is all about; if it had been, I would never have been able to listen to the whole disc once, let alone several times!

Brian Clark