Telemann: The Grand Concertos for mixed instruments Vol. 4

Floral design

La Stagione Frankfurt, Michael Schneider
cpo 777 892-2
TWV 44: 41, 52: c1, 53: D2, e1 & 54: F4

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he latest installment of cpo’s latest marvellous series devoted to Telemann’s music includes a double concerto (oboe/violin), two triple concertos (trumpet with two oboes and violin with two flutes), a concerto with eight instruments given solo roles, and another of the fabulous septets for pairs of violins, oboes, recorders and continuo. As ever with these performers and this director, the music dances and sings in both major and minor; I was surprised by the fact that some of the music was completely new to me – and yes, all you sceptics out there, it sounded  new! Not the same piece regurgitated, as I read recently on yet another tiresome Facebook posting. “He’s not exactly Vivaldi, is he?” commented one of the cognoscenti. [For those in any doubt, I intended that to be ironic.] Indeed, it is Schneider and co. who are at the very forefront of demonstrating beyond doubt that Telemann’s multifaceted music is ever-changing, all-embracing. I hope they will eventually do more of his church cantatas – what a genuine revelation that  would be!

Brian Clark