Clérambault / Marchand: Complete harpsichord works

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Luca Oberti
Stradivarius STR 37025

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his 2014 recording was released in 2015 but has only just reached us. The instrument is a 1990 copy of a Goujon at A410, the resources of which are comprehensively, though tastefully, exploited and the 17th-century temperament used (the music was published in 1699 and 1702) makes a piquant contribution to the overall effect, especially in the minor key music.

Luca Oberti skilfully charts a route through the many minefields of this repertoire – the realisation of the ornaments within the musical lines and the préludes being particular strengths. Tempos are also very well chosen and executed – the quicker movements have life though never become a scramble. His essay (Italian/English) sets the music in its socio-historical context and also offers concise and pertinent comments on each piece.

David Hansell