Jadassohn: Symphonies 1-4

Jadassohn's name came up frequently when I was looking into musical life in late 19th-century Dundee; as one of the Leipzig conservatory's professors, he taught many of the Scots students and wrote annual reports on their progress. [...]

Biber: Rosenkranzsonaten 1

This is the first of three CDs that present each of the three sections of Biber's print with different church organs in Thuringia. The first, the joyful mysteries, features an organ by an unknown maker from 1699, located in a gallery above the altar, which was restored to something akin to its original state (the Flöte traversiere stop that was probably added in the 18th century) in 1990. [...]

Bach: The Trio Sonatas BWV525-530

There is some elegant, but a trifle mannered, playing on these CDs – plural because there are two of them, totaling 93 minutes. Most players fit the six trios onto one CD – Christopher Herrick in 70 minutes, John Butt in 75, Robert Quinney in 79 [...]

Bach/Mendelssohn: Matthäus Passion (1841)

Though entirely recognizable as the Matthew Passion, and giving us an insight into the important role Mendelssohn played in the transmission of the performing tradition, there are some surprises in this live performance, captured on CD. [...]

C. P. E. Bach: Hommage!

Not infrequently in these pages one reads how Bach's music will pretty much work in any medium, and – while few modern musicians have (to my knowledge) gone down that route with the music of his sons, [...]
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