Vejvanovsky: Festal Baroque Music for Trumpets and Strings

Ars Antiqua Austria, Gunar Letzbor
Pan Classics PC10366

This CD does pretty much what it says on the tin. There are 17 tracks, some with and one without brass (up to four trumpets with trombone – which presumably plays the lowest of the written parts – and timps); the music ranges from under two minutes (the Sonata Sancti Spiritus) to over nine (a five-movement “Serenada”), and the performances on this re-release (the original issue of the recording made in Italy was in 1997) are lively and well recorded. Such a pity that they are let down by a particularly poor booklet note translation; “Apart from the technique of concerting in the music of Vejvanovsky there are pulsations and accents deriving from dance style” was my particular favourite line…

Brian Clark

  • Performance
  • Recorded sound
  • Booklet note
  • Overall presentation