C. P. E. Bach: 6 Hamburg Symphonies

Bach’s six three-movement string symphonies represent the ultimate in the move from the Baroque, with its single mood (or affekt) within each movement, to the Pre-classical concept of depicting many short, contrasting motivic ideas in order to rapidly change the emotional experience of the listener within a short space of time. [...]

Haydn: 2032 No. 2 – Il Filosofo

This second instalment in Alpha's projected complete symphonies recording in time for the 300th anniversary of the composer's birthday features three striking works from the master and another by Bach's oldest son. [...]

Mozart: La finta giardiniera

For long regarded simply as a precursor of the great comic operas of Mozart’s maturity, La finta giardiniera has more recently shown increasing signs of being accepted into the repertoire. Last year’s first-ever staging at Glyndebourne was mirrored across the Channel by this co-production mounted in Lille and Dijon. [...]

Christian Ernst Graf: Five String Quartets

There are five works on this CD; three are from the composer's op. 17 set "à Deux Violons, Taille et Basse" and played with harpsichord continuo, and two quartets without opus number (though given numbers 4 in D and 6 in F), played as string quartets. [...]

C. P. E. Bach: Hommage!

Not infrequently in these pages one reads how Bach's music will pretty much work in any medium, and – while few modern musicians have (to my knowledge) gone down that route with the music of his sons, [...]
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