C. P. E. Bach: Zweyte Fortsetzung: Sonatas 4–6

In this, volume 29 of the BIS complete C.P.E. Bach keyboard series, Miklós Spányi makes a strong case for the clavichord, both in his playing and in the useful sleeve notes. He gets a wide range of dynamics and articulation, and the recording quality is excellent, picking up every nuance. [...]

Müthel: The Five Keyboard Concertos

I was very impressed by the playing of this young Polish harpschordist when he recently accompanied Rachel Podger for the Georgian Concert Society in Edinburgh and these two CDs confirm him as a formidable talent. [...]

Mozart: Mass in C minor

Although this performance has aged well, for me it still lags behind the Eliot Gardiner version. Unusually for a Herreweghe recording, I was aware of a little too much micro-management, especially at cadences. [...]

C. P. E. Bach: 6 Hamburg Symphonies

Bach’s six three-movement string symphonies represent the ultimate in the move from the Baroque, with its single mood (or affekt) within each movement, to the Pre-classical concept of depicting many short, contrasting motivic ideas in order to rapidly change the emotional experience of the listener within a short space of time. [...]
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