Christian Ernst Graf: Five String Quartets

There are five works on this CD; three are from the composer's op. 17 set "à Deux Violons, Taille et Basse" and played with harpsichord continuo, and two quartets without opus number (though given numbers 4 in D and 6 in F), played as string quartets. [...]

Cavalli: L’Ormindo

There is a dearth of recordings of L’Ormindo, only this version recorded in 2006 and the old Raymond Leppard Glyndebourne arrangement dating from 1967. Perhaps the success of the staging of the Royal Opera’s English language version under Christian Curnyn at the Globe has encouraged the publishers? [...]

Bach: Motets

These performances were taped during sessions in May 2012, 2013 and 2014 with the same "men" (seven altos, ten tenors and eight basses) but a slightly different group of two dozen or so boys and three different organists, though the same cello and violone players. [...]

Bach: Lutheran Masses I

The interest for me in this well produced CD which has all the quality we expect from Suzuki’s forces is not only in the two Lutheran Masses, of which there are already a number of recordings like the recent one by the Sixteen or the earlier and matchless OVPP version by the Purcell Quartet (1999), [...]

Biber: Rosenkranzsonaten 1

This is the first of three CDs that present each of the three sections of Biber's print with different church organs in Thuringia. The first, the joyful mysteries, features an organ by an unknown maker from 1699, located in a gallery above the altar, which was restored to something akin to its original state (the Flöte traversiere stop that was probably added in the 18th century) in 1990. [...]

Bach: The Trio Sonatas BWV525-530

There is some elegant, but a trifle mannered, playing on these CDs – plural because there are two of them, totaling 93 minutes. Most players fit the six trios onto one CD – Christopher Herrick in 70 minutes, John Butt in 75, Robert Quinney in 79 [...]
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