Music for Troubled Times

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The English Civil War & Siege of York
The Ebor Singers, Paul Gameson
resonus RES10194
Music by Byrd, Child, Hutchinson, H. & W. Lawes, Locke, Tomkins & Wilson

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his is a thoughtfully compiled programme of little-known but interesting repertoire, some of which has specific York connections. The booklet essay (English only) is thorough and clear and the sung texts are given in full. The choir sing with unanimity and a good blend though the phrasing is occasionally a little clipped. In the solo passages, intonation is not always completely centred and I did wonder whether or not all the performances would have benefited from a richer and more supportive organ sound. Above all though, I’m grateful to have been reminded what a brilliant piece George Jeffreys’s How wretched is the state  is, and to have been introduced to Locke’s profound How doth the city sit solitary.

David Hansell