Mozart: Piano Trios, KV 502, 542, 564

Pink chrysanthemum

Rautio Piano Trio
Resonus RES10168

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]arely does a disc come along that unexpectedly brings so much pleasure as this one; I confess that I was non-plussed (at best) when it fell from the envelope and I saw the repertoire (a staple of the chamber music club I used to have to attend on behalf of the local newspaper) but from the opening notes, I just knew it was a total winner. The balance between the three instruments is beautifully handled (the cello only sometiems emerges from its bass line duties), and the gorgeous tone Jane Gordon gets especially from the upper reaches of her violin is absolutely to die for. The three works on the disc only last just under an hour, but what an hour! According to the booklet note, the Rautio Piano Trio also play modern repertoire on suitable instruments, so they are clearly a force to be reckoned with. I hope they and Resonus will continue to explore period performances of some less well-known pieces for the line-up, too – fabulous recordings, magical performances.

Brian Clark