EMR has been online for over three years and has made me €23.15 over the past year in click-through revenue from our affiliate sites. Taking into account the cost of sending out the disks and books to reviewers, that’s a net loss of several hundred pounds and I’m afraid I cannot continue shelling that out (let alone the HUGE amounts of time involved…) to continue.

When I made this announcement on our associated Facebook page the other day, there were suggestions that this site could have a subscription element, or I could “crowdfund” to finance the costs involved, and/or ask interested parties to pay for advertisements? I am not sure that users *want* adverts – even if they are of HIP events – but maybe I’m wrong? Would any of you contribute to a crowdfunder? How would it work? Would I set what I thought was a reasonable amount of money to guarantee to continue for a set number of years? Crowdfund for a single year and see how it goes? Is £2400/year reasonable? Suggestions? Please use the contact page to get in touch.