Weber: Silvana

An opera in which the heroine doesn’t sing? Well, I suppose many of us will have experienced performances that inspired the feeling that it might be an improvement, but this is the only example I know of where the part was written in such a way. The first of Weber’s operas to achieve some success, Silvana has its roots in the composer’s first operatic venture, Das Waldmädchen of 1800. [...]

Bach: Motets

These performances were taped during sessions in May 2012, 2013 and 2014 with the same "men" (seven altos, ten tenors and eight basses) but a slightly different group of two dozen or so boys and three different organists, though the same cello and violone players. [...]

Stile Antico: Sing withe the Voice of Melody

This ‘greatest hits’ album celebrating stilo antico’s tenth season draws from nine of their highly successful CDs. Each track is accompanied by a brief comment from one of the singers, not a scholarly commentary but a practical response from the perspective of the performer. [...]

Bach: Lutheran Masses I

The interest for me in this well produced CD which has all the quality we expect from Suzuki’s forces is not only in the two Lutheran Masses, of which there are already a number of recordings like the recent one by the Sixteen or the earlier and matchless OVPP version by the Purcell Quartet (1999), [...]

Biber: Rosenkranzsonaten 1

This is the first of three CDs that present each of the three sections of Biber's print with different church organs in Thuringia. The first, the joyful mysteries, features an organ by an unknown maker from 1699, located in a gallery above the altar, which was restored to something akin to its original state (the Flöte traversiere stop that was probably added in the 18th century) in 1990. [...]
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