Handel: Israel in Egypt

One shouldn’t compare recordings of different works by different artists, even if the composer is the same. However, having just listened to FestspielOrchester Göttingen’s live recording of Joshua, I was deep into the world of Handel oratorio and thus expectant of a similarly absorbing oral experience thanks to this recording of Israel in Egypt. [...]

Bach in Montecassino

There is an interesting back-story to this CD of Bach organ music played on a one-manual North Italian organ. The pieces come from Bach pieces collected by two 18th century scholars, Friedrich Wilhelm Rust and Padre Martini. [...]

Bach & Entourage

This latest fruit (and a rich one at that) of the collaboration of two of the stars of the younger generation focuses on music for solo violin by Johann Sebastian Bach and his colleagues and pupils. [...]

Mikolaj Zielenski: Ortus de Polonia

This is the latest in a fine series of recordings in which the cornettist Judith Pacquier promotes the Polish baroque. The pieces vary from the massive multichoral to intimate small scale pieces – in homage to their Italian models. [...]
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