Nel Giardino di Partenope: Neapolitan cello sonatas

I suspect only Porpora and Pergolesi will be known to the majority of readers, and such names as Rocco Greco, Francesco Alborea detto Francischiello, Giulio di Ruvo, Francesco Supriani, Salvatori Lanzetti and Pasquale Pericoli will be names, hopefully to whet the listener’s appetite. [...]

Louis Spohr: Symphonies 7 & 9

Louis Spohr is perhaps best known as the composer of music for his own instrument, the violin. These symphonies (the 7th premiered in 1842 and the 9th from 1850) reveal that he had a far broader imagination than his tuneful and dramatic concertos suggest; [...]

C. P. E. Bach: 6 Hamburg Symphonies

Bach’s six three-movement string symphonies represent the ultimate in the move from the Baroque, with its single mood (or affekt) within each movement, to the Pre-classical concept of depicting many short, contrasting motivic ideas in order to rapidly change the emotional experience of the listener within a short space of time. [...]

Cynthia’s Revels

In Cynthia’s Revels, a play by Ben Johnson, Queen Elizabeth I was represented as Cynthia, the virgin goddess of the moon. It included songs and dances, both of which the queen is known to have greatly enjoyed, so the Flautadors have used this theme to present a programme of instrumental music which might have been heard at Elizabeth’s court. [...]

Il Trionfo di Dori

This charming account of the Gardano publication of 1592 of madrigals composed by all the big Italian composers of the day, dedicated to Leonardo Sanuda and written in honour of his wife, Elisabetta Giustinian. Like a precursor of the Triumphs of Oriana, one has the sense that the composers are vying with one another [...]
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