Bach: Suite BWV997, Trio Sonatas BWV525, 526, 529

Floral design

Lorenzo Cavasanti recorder/transverse flute  Sergio Ciomei harpsichord/organ
Dynamic CDS 7739

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]hree of the works on this recording are better known as organ trio sonatas; there have been several attempts to “recover lost originals”, using all sorts of instrumental combinations, and this is no different, since each of the three uses a different line-up (in BWV525 they use flute and harpsichord, 526 flute and organ, and 529 recorder and harpsichord); the latter instrumentation is also used for the duo’s transcription of the lute suite BWV997. Although the pair play most stylishly throughout, I found the timbre of the flute and treble organ stop too close for comfort; the combination of recorder and harpsichord was far more successful. I love the repertoire and was impressed by these interpretations of it.

Brian Clark