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French Flute Concertos

It seems like a lifetime ago that I first got to know the concertos by Blavet and Buffardin via Musica Antiqua Köln’s recording with Wilbert Hazelzet in the solo role – in fact, Googling it came up with 1995 as the date, so it is not as long agao as I thought!

Biber: Sonatae Tam Aris Quam Aulis Servientes

Just as some people consider Brahms’ first symphony as Beethoven’s tenth, this set of 12 sonatas by Biber is clearly a follow on from Schmelzer’s similarly titled Sacro-profanus concentus musicus. Opening and closing with majestic works for pairs of trumpets and violins, four violas and continuo, the set also includes a rich variety of scorings

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Bach: [Keyboard music]

Rémi Geniet is a young French pianist who came second in the 2013 Queen Elizabeth Competition and as a result made this, his first recording, at the age of twenty-one. He possesses a formidable technique with extreme rhythmic precision.

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Telemann: Fantasias for Solo Violin

In stark contrast to a recording of these pieces I reviewed last month, this magnificent CD is worth every penny! Anyone who choses to perform Telemann’s unaccompanied violin music faces the challenge of justifying why they have done so rather than tackling Bach’s output in the same medium, in this case because there are none of the huge technical demands of the latter and – on the page – Telemann’s writing lacks sophistication.